Technique Tuesday - Big Shot

Welcome to my second Technique Tuesday,

In todays blog I will be showing you how to use the big shot, like to big shot?

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So what is stopping you??

  1. I don’t want to sell
  2. I don’t want to make video’s or blogs
  3. I’m not business minded
  4. I don’t know where to start
  5. The quarterly minimum’s (yes, we have minimum’s, I won’t lie)


Remember I am only a hobby crafter, and I do not do this for a business, I am doing this as I have a passion to teach and craft for myself. I can also help you to start a business if this is what you want to do, and I can help you with both online parties and face to face parties if you want.

Or simply help you with your orders over the quarter to meet your minimum’s, which is actually very simple.

Anyway, todays video is all how to use the big shot and to use it, why it is better than the Cuttlebug (Yes, I started out with one of these).

If you wish to purchase any products please use this link and seach for Andre Gordon and don't forget to use the host code: 43FYU43T and all rewards will go back to you and everyone else that purchases product though me, this will be sent out early the following month. 

Overview for today:

Big shot basics

Die cutting

Embossing folders both normal and dynamic

Magnetic platform

Precision plate




: -------- : DISCLOSURE : -------- :

I am an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

This video is not sponsored, I created it because I wanted to and love sharing videos with you.

Please note that while I am not paid to create these video’s for you to enjoy, I do make a small commission if you go to and search Andre Gordon and purchase product through this website. Please make sure that you use the monthly Host code as all the rewards get split between all who support me and this will get posted out at the start of the following month. Thank you once again for spending some time with me, happy Crafting


Sunday Stamping

Hey peps, today I will be going live on Facebook at 2pm NZ time to create some wonderful flowers from our Daisy punch and stamp set. 

Please join me over there and I will also link the video below once we have comelted it. 

I look forward to seeing you all. 


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Very Regal


No stamping with this card. Please remember to visit Stampin up to purchase your products, and search for Andre Gordon as your Demonstrator and use Host Code: 43FY43T and all rewards will be split between you all who order and will be shipped out start of next month

Casing Thursday 1- Soap

Welcome to casing Thursday, it is very lovely here in Auckland.

Today we will be starting the new series where I’ll be using old catalogues to case ideas and use current products. I have been given catalogues from 2008 right up to the current one. I have given myself rules which are below:

  1. You can use any Stampin’ Up! Stamp set you own, both old and new
  2. You must use the current ink colours nothing retired
  3. You CAN NOT use the current or the previous catalogue in your casing Thursday’s
  4. You are allowed to anything from your stock (I do own some Non-SU products)
  5. You are allowed to use old catalogues, and other demonstrator’s work for inspiration
  6. You must have a video – Click here to go to my YouTube Channel.

So I hope you stick around and watch the video and I hope I have given you some inspiration to get out your old catalogues and give this ago. Remember to use the Host code (February code: 43FYU43T) and remember that all the rewards will be split up between everyone that orders and I will post out a little thank you with your rewards out early next month.  If you wish to order please click here and search for Andre Gordon for your demostrator. 

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Note Book with a twist

Technique Tuesday

Welcome to my first instilment of my new series, in this series Technique Tuesday, we will be learning together both new and old techniques. So lets start of with a simple project, this was inspired by Pootles Papercraft I have linked the inspiration HERE, please go over and link her page, she is a wonderful demonstrator based in the UK. I have loved watching her videos and I have learnt so much from her.

Today we will be covering a note pad and the techniques we will be using are:

  • Stamping
  • Measuring
  • Stamping off
  • Sponging

Below the video is the list of products that I have used, please enjoy.

If you would like to place an order, click HERE and make sure you search for Andre Gordon, please use the Hostess code (February Code: 3FYU43T) everyone who orders from me will share in the rewards and these will be posted out early next month.  

Please make sure you go over to YouTube and subscribe and leave me comments... You will also note that I do not end up finishing the project, my video cut out and then my video would not record.... However I have attached pleanty of pics for your reference


Product List

NON-Stampin' Up! - Note Book 

You will also need adhesive 


Welcome to my New Series!!

Welcome to the start of my new series, in which we will explore and create together, please remember if you wish to purchase products please use the demonstrator locator and search Andre Gordon. Please Use the Hostess Code which I will have in every post as you will get all the rewards, these are divided by everyone that places an order throughout the month (February code: 43FYU43T) and will be sent at the start of the following month with a thank you from me.

If you have an order worth more than $189NZD then please consider joining my team and save yourself at least 20%. Also note that I can only sell you products if you are in New Zealand.

Currently, we have a great offer by Stampin’ Up! Firstly, choose a whopping  $285NZD worth of products and you also get to choose Two free stamp sets, if you are like me, you will want the best deal possible so my suggestions would be either Letter for you $103 NZD, Christmas Pines, Home life, Happy celebrations, or Number of years as these range from $73 NZD to $53NZD.

But André don’t I have to sell or do what you do??

No, to be honest I am only a ‘hobby’ demonstrator and I do this for me to get the discount off my products. You could become a ‘business demo’ in which you hold parties, or film YouTube videos to help make some extra money. But at this stage in my lift I am personally not interested in this.

So how much do I have to spend to maintain my membership/demonstrate (in full disclosure)

Okay, yes we do have a minimum order that has to go through every quarter, this is worked out with what we call CSV, this is Stampin’ Ups! International currency and this is currently 300CSV or approx. $550.06 NZD and you can do this in little order or one big order.   

(All figures are correct at time of writing (10/2/18))


So, enough business talk your not here for that, or are you?

So, now onto my new series, my YouTube Channel is here please go and subscribe.

Techniques Tuesday- In which we will explore both new and old techniques and learn together

Casing Thursdays – In which we will pull out your old catalogues and use them to create new and exciting things and finally

Stamping Sundays- On Sundays we will relax a little with coffee or tea, and stamp away with our stamp set, both old and new

So I have decided to set myself some rules. No, you do not have to play these rules…

  1. You can use any Stampin’ Up! Stamp set you own, both old and new
  2. You must use the current ink colours nothing retired
  3. You CAN NOT use the current or the previous catalogue in your casing Thursday’s
  4. You are allowed to anything from your stock (I do own some Non-SU products)
  5. You are allowed to use old catalogues, and other demonstrator’s work for inspiration
  6. You must have a video – Click here to go to my YouTube Channel.

So please make sure you leave comments and interact, FYI please do note that I do not edit my videos as I am a believer that new crafters need to be able to follow along. If you wish to skip parts I understand.  

February Stamp "N' Hop

Hi and welcome all the way to Auckland, New Zealand, and a big thank you to  Amy Grendel  for your blog and I hope that you will carry on your crafting journey to Tracie Evans Langley

Just a little about myself, I am 34 years old, male, and I love to craft, I use crafting as a form of pain management as I have a back injury that is making it difficult to work. This month we are focusing on the spring/summer catalogue. I hope you have had a good look through this as it is amazing. When I first saw this at on-stage I just feel in love with the Petal Passion Suit on pages 22-24, there is just something about this suit that to me means bold, deairing, and the images are so beautiful. The other stamp set that I feel in love with was the host stamp set called Cosy Cottage on pg. 54 and that is what we are going to use today.

While I scrapbook, and make 3D items most of the time, I have found that this makes a wonderful card, as such I have used it for all my January birthday cards for our team. I ado have a YouTube Channel, you can connect here: André's Creations, please make sure you subscribe...

Due to my back injury and as my pain differs on a daily basis, I have decided to not go along my original plan as you all have inspired me to change my thinking and I am going to start 3 new series.

Technique Tuesdays- In which we will explore different techniques both old and new

Casing Thursdays- In which we will case the catalouges, however there is a twist, we will be casing old catalouges dating from 2000 to today, and finally

Stamping Sundays- In which we will explore our different stamp sets and see what we come up with... 

So I hope you will join me here and at André's Creations (Click here) and pelase make sure you subscribe. 




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