Casing Thursday 2009-2010

Casing Thursday - 2009-2010 

Disclaimer: I am using the Australia and New Zeland Catalouges

This Catalogue that I will link here, was an amazing catalogue to go through. So much ideas, and so much inspiration that I just went giddy. But when the second release of SAB (Clink here) came out I just knew what I had to do. I headed over to page 79… So that’s what I did, and once you watch the video, you will understand that the jelly beans I used have now been eaten… I am just so bad with sweets… They do not last long in my house and the Dr must make sure that he either buys ones that have gluten in them or store these open packets in his container of gluten containing biscuits, so I cannot eat them.

Remember that we are getting close to the end of SAB, so now is the time to get those last freebies that you have had your eyes on. Also, it is very important to note that as we are only a few months away from the end of this year catalogue things will start selling out fast… Remember Fast fuse, we have been told that this is not going to retired so we are eagerly awaiting with what they are going to replace this with. With the early release of the stamparatus, I am really looking forward to what else they are going to release to go with this. I am hoping that they will have a carry case, and a cleaning cloth… Now that would be amazing..

With Fast Fuse once this is no longer available in your area, it is not going to be replaced, so get in quick if you love this stuff. I am now down to my last refill, so I am not going to replace this as I do not want to be using a product that is going to be difficult to get hard of.

The final thing that I wanted to remind you of is to DON’T forget to subscribe to my blog and if you enter your birthday you will receive an email asking for your postal address…

So before I let you loose with the video, this is how I craft. I had things to what I thought was correct… But no, you will see me going rouge…. Real rouge…

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I am an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

This video is not sponsored, I created it because I wanted to and love sharing videos with you.

Please note that while I am not paid to create these video’s for you to enjoy, I do make a small commission if you go to and search Andre Gordon and purchase product through this website. Please make sure that you use the monthly Host code as all the rewards get split between all who support me and this will get posted out at the start of the following month. Thank you once again for spending some time with me, happy Crafting..