Stamping Sunday 25/3/18


Bloody hell, my back and leg are playing up like made….I do also have family that I have not seen for a very long time at home, so I have not yet had time to record a video for you... 

So today I am only going to have a couple of photos for you to look and admire at…. Carrying on with the sneak peek of our new mini-series….

We are going to start Art Journaling….

Now before you freak out and click away, I have noted a couple of examples of what we are going to be giving ago.. Now remember I am no artist, I need my stamps, prompts, and some creative outlet that is not scrapbooking or cardmaking, but I was thinking what the hell can I do, I don’t want to be creating thousands of cards to try and sell or give away, and while I still have about a thousand photos to scrapbook there is only so much of those I can do and not get bored. So please give this ago with me, now you will need something to put your art work in such as a book, or tags, well actually I simply made some tags from some of our chipboard that comes with out cardstock…

‘Art journaling does not have to be expensive or complicated. It’s one of the most forgiving ways to make art because in an art journal, everything you make is safely contained within your own personal book. You may choose to never share any of your pages with anyone (or everyone!) so it’s a space where you can let loose and explore with colors, shapes, lines, and your words all at once. You may choose to leave your journals more free-form and expressive, or you may want to have more of a “finished” art product on each page’.  (Link here)

‘Simply put, Art Journaling is a visual diary--it's record keeping combined with creativity! It’s a place to record your thoughts, memories, and emotions through images, art and words. The number one rule about Art Journaling is that…there are NO rules.’ (Link here)

"Art journaling is about the creative process
of pulling together color, words and images
as you wish, on a page. Unlike many other
forms of art, it is not about the outcome." 
Tammy Garcia

Mike (click here) is someone that I have been watching for the last couple of months and he has really inspired me to do this…I have even downloaded some of his digi files for my personal use... 

So, what are we going to need going forward??

You’ll need some supplies:

  • Art Journal/Tags/Watercolour paper/Chipboard – Something to create on
  • Ink (well we already have that) or pain (if you want to be messier) and somehow to apply
  • Stamps
  • Stencils
  • Ribbon
  • Stickers
  • Ephemera: you can either make your own, buy some, or steel (sorry) download from the internet
  • Some time, commitment, courage, faith, and a drive to just give it ago

So why not give this ago, so what we are going to do, I am going to on a weekly basis complete at least one art journal page/tag and I will share with you my process, now as you know I do not edit my video’s so I am going to have to learn, but in the mean time I will video in short bursts and load a couple here, or if it is going to take too long then I will take photos and then upload them with an explanations of what I am doing…

If you do need some supplies I am very happy for you to purchase though me (click here) and make sure that you select me (Andre Gordon) as your demonstrator and please use the host code as you will share in the rewards..... 


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I am an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

This video is not sponsored, I created it because I wanted to and love sharing videos with you.

Please note that while I am not paid to create these video’s for you to enjoy, I do make a small commission if you go to and search Andre Gordon and purchase product through this website. Please make sure that you use the monthly Host code as all the rewards get split between all who support me and this will get posted out at the start of the following month. Thank you once again for spending some time with me, happy Crafting