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You are simply amazing 2B

20180131 123435

Another SAB free set here Please make sure that you use the demonstrator locator to search Andre Gordon and shop under me, use the February hostess code 43FYU43T and at the end of the month, I will split up all the rewards between all of you.

My Craft Space

Well Good Day To You                                                  Hostess Code: 43FYU43T, all rewards will be split between all who purchase items. 

And welcome to New Zealand, today we are going to do something a little different. I have seen so many clips showing peoples crafting rooms and space. Today I want to show you around mine, I have a little space and man, can I achieve some things. I started crafting on the kitchen bench and now moved to a corner of living room in our very small one-bedroom apartment. I have been able to utilise the space as you will be able to see. I now have everything within reach, and I can keep my flow on when I am crafting and not having to run around the room to find things. So without further adieu, please watch the video.


 : -------- : DISCLOSURE : -------- :

I am an independent Stampin Up Demonstrator and with this I do not get paid, the only income that I receive is via any purchases that you make via Stampin Up!

Please use the hostess code in the description as all purchases within the month will be split between everyone that purchases products.

I do not have a website, simply search in the demonstrator locator Andre Gordon and this will take you to my online store.

This video is not sponsored, I created it because I wanted to and love sharing videos with you.