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Update - Crafting coming soon

Good morning, it's now Thursday 12th April...

I went live to record an update for you all with what is going on as I know it has been a while for me posting.

Thank you for your lovely comments, and I know you're out there watching and learning from me. Which for me is just a great buzz...

Please watch and comment... 


Art Journal for the month

So just an update,

I have finally moved into my new place and still unpacking, so as soon as that is done I can start doing some more videos.

However in the meantime here is this month Art Journal video from Mission: Inspiration- April. 

So please enjoy and I look forward to you posting your comments and if you wish to share your artwork feel free to post in the comments section below. 

: -------- : DISCLOSURE:------- :

I am an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

This video is not sponsored, I created it because I wanted to and love sharing videos with you.

Please note that while I am not paid to create these video’s for you to enjoy, I do make a small commission if you go to and search Andre Gordon and purchase product through this website. Please make sure that you use the monthly Host code as all the rewards get split between all who support me and this will get posted out at the start of the following month. Thank you once again for spending some time with me, Happy Crafting