Stampin Up at work

his is why I love Stampin Up, as a demonstrator (i'm a hobbyist) we earn points 

that we can use towards free gifts. 

This year we were able to use our left overs to go towards two different charities

 1) Make a wish, and 2) Ronald McDonald House. 

I can say that both charities earned enough points for a donation. 

Make a wish received $5000, and Ronald McDonald House made a whopping $10 000.

 It was a real pleasure that I was able to support these charities with points that otherwise would have gone to waste. 

Well done Stampin Up...


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Simple Paper Flowers 

Sorry I don't have a list here of supplies

However you will need:

Card stock

Pansy Punch

Pansy Stamps





Ink Storage

In this video I talk about how I store my Stampin Up Refills 


4x4 in your chosen colour 


Non-Traditional Christmas Card

Non-Traditional Christmas Card 

As always, please note that I do not make any money from this unless you purchase product. Please contact me at so I can assist you with seeing the product or helping with an order.


New Year - 6x6 One Sheet Wonder

Hi there everyone, 

I have some great news, I have been accepted to be of an international blog hop. This will start next month and be a month hop, so I hope you all enjoy this. 

For the next couple of weeks, we are going to work on a one sheet wonder, this is an amazing and simple way of creating bulk amounts of cards with little if any waste. I fond this one sheet wonder on google, and I found it helpful to get my creative juices flowing after a couple of weeks off from crafting. I have also used these to donate to another Stampin Up demonstrator in the UK, who will be using these to help with cancer research.

So, for this you will need 11 card bases, and 6 different 6-inch by 6-inch designer series paper (DSP). You will then cut all the DSP and add to the card bases. These are numbered as 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B this means you will use all DSP for 1A on card base number one, then 1B on a second card, so out of these 6 pieces of DSP you will get 10 cards with scraps... 

Now here is the important part, on the template please keep the scrapes as these will create you the 11th card, however I decided to use my scraps on card 6A/B so I only made 10 cards... 

So with tomorrows post I will post my example of card 1A and 1B, if you would like to purchase any products please follow the liks to shop now, and I will be happy to help and follow up as you require.