Little Fan Project

Sorry no video on this one as I used a hot glue gun and managed to burn myself several times, so I will try and describe the best that I can 


Products I used 

Be Merry Christmas DSP   144111

Fast Fuse     129026

Basic Black Bakers Twine    134576

Stampin Trimmer    129722

Score board (This is much easier to find here, it took me months to find mine) 122334


Firsty decide on the size of paper you want, and then score on your score board every half an inch across the entire 12 inch length, 

Then you want to cut the length in to a square, here I am cutting it into 4x4 squares

You will want various sizes, I used 6x6, 4x4, 3x3, and 2x2 


Now you want to fold in a mountain fold, then then you want to fold this in half to make your fan, I secured this with Fast Fuse. 

Finally, once you have created your fans, now its time to cause some pain (hopefully not) and hot  glue some bakers twine to the back to form one long length. I decided that one long length was better than many smaller lengths of backers twine, then I secured the hot glue with a small flower to hide the glue. Once you have several stings its time to secure to your door, or where ever you like.



 Please remember that I do this as I want to teach, I do not make any money from you unless you purchase product. Please make sure you follow this link and then search Andre Gordon in the demonstrator locator